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Our Little Corner of the Cosmos

Volume 1, Issue 3
June, 1992 C.E.

Table Of Contents:

  1. The GWAM Report
  2. Nostalgic Game Nite
  3. Pirating on the Monterey Bay
  4. The Castle Corps Rides the Rails... for FREE!
  5. Parasailing
  6. CC at the Flea Market
  7. Dragon's Lair (A Poem)
  8. Castle Corps Event Summary - Easter Egg Treasure Hunt, Harvey West Cemetary Tour
  9. A Reading of Revelations
  10. Anyone for Bungee Jumping?
  11. May Meeting Minutes
  12. Calendar of Events
JUNE 1992 CE

The GWAM Report

by Lance McVay

ello folks! As it says in the title, this is your humble servant and "Grand Worthy Administrative Minister" (lest we forget what GWAM stands for) once again writing to you with an update on all the local and not so local hubbub (also known as progress and/or activities)... which is a very long-winded way of saying, "Hi! it's me. Here's what's going on."

Firstly (I suppose that's an adverb) I should mention that, as you can tell, we have once again been blessed with the availability of modern technology, so you may all disregard the concerns mentioned in my previous report. Which means for now we can still bring to you the Castle Crier in its originally intended, word processed splendor. Special thanks to Mr. Ken Laws for his assistance.

Hey! Where are all the "Castle Surveys" from last news letter? They ain't just kitty-box liner, yah-know. Them's the building blocks of a dream. We need them.

NEXT: hey! where are all the "Castle Surveys" from the last news letter? They ain't just kitty-box liner yah-know. Them's the building blocks of a dream. We need them. The castle idea is yours as much as ours (we here at the home front) so send them in. Each will be carefully logged in the Castle Archives for future consultation for relators, contractors, interior designers, landscape architects (Ms. Frommherz) etc, etc. It costs money to mail those babies, so find the one's yah have and send them on in. Be creative. Have fun with it. Or... just fill it out in five minutes and drop it in the mailbox to CC Shedquarters. Go for it! BRAIN STORM! School is almost over so you can think for fun now, remember! (Not trying to imply of course that learning should not be equally entertaining).


...a word on the traveling side of CC. Darin Gossett should be back from the UK at the end of May and I'm sure he will have all sorts of stories for us (i.e., an upcoming article! Watch your newsletters, folks!). Joan McVay (yes, that's right, it's my mom) has finished her PhD in Educational Psychology and is now traveling via sailing vessel through the South Seas (New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, etc.) until August. We'll let you know when we hear word of her progress. Sean Larsen will be heading for the Commonwealth of Independent States (specifically the Ukraine) in July. Pat Keane will be heading off to Korea in June after a brief return home to California from Kentucky, so let's hope to hear word from him when he arrives (in Korea that is). And last but not least, our Commissioner of European Affairs (Pamela Peyser) sends word that she will be in Wales, Germany, Spain, and possibly Florida in the next few months but says she welcomes visitors and contacts, so feel free to utilize this resource if you're over there. Pamela says you may contact her home address and phone number in Germany and leave a message (it will get to her). She promises to write an article explaining her offers for the July news letter (yeah Pamela!). Look her up in "Ye Olde Membership Directory" for contact.

There have been a few changes and additions to the Castle Corps recently that need to be explained. First, we have yet another new Most Esteemed Holder of Capital Asset Records (aka: Treasurer) who was voted in at the May general meeting, that being Francie Dayton. Francie, welcome to the chaos! We hope you like it. Bear in mind all CC folk that officer positions are for two year terms, so if you would like to learn an office for next term (January of 1994) just let us know.

Second, Ken Laws is back as Editor and Press Master Scrivener (and Rap Master Driveller) of the Castle Crier. Craig Polson (Mr. Sub-GWAM himself) did the majority of the work for this issue, with Ken scrivening.

Third, we are in the process of creating divisions of Castle Corps called "leagues" or "legions" (we keep changing), such as a League of Computators or the League of Rangers. These will be small democratic units that can function independently from Castle Corps but are still made up of CC members and partake in general functions. For instance: the LOC (League of Computators) might decide to play games on the network, or create a useful program for CC, or go to a convention, who knows. The point is they could function separately with less confusion, or they could organize something for the masses. The League of Rangers might plan an exploration of a nearby canyon, or travel cross country from one member's house to another. Whatever it was, they could plan it quickly without always waiting for a meeting or a newsletter. Anyone could join any league so they could be notified of an event and any member of the league could plan one. There will be a "contact person" who will keep CC up to date with the league and take calls or letters from CC members who wish to be a part of it. Don't think that this means that CC as a whole will do less. On the contrary, it means that CC as a whole will do exactly what it's been doing, but allow some freedom for those who wish to do more and have a common interest.

To create a League you need only ask for a "League Application Form" from CC Shedquarters. You will need at least three members, a description and purpose of the league, and a majority approval at the next available general meeting (the applicant must be present at the meeting). Please be careful not to be too specific with your league. For instance: we would rather have a League of Cyclists than a league of Mountain Bikers or a League of Computators than a League of Mac Users. Anyone could contact any league via the "contact person" and ask about upcoming activities. So, brainstorm again! Team up with someone (and someone else) and do EVEN MORE! Your $20.00 just keeps going further and further! Speaking of which...

Thank you to those who contacted us about their dues. We appreciate the money or conversation. For those who haven't, we still need to hear from you. Give us a call or write or something. We need to know if you want us to keep sending you newsletters and such. Contact us as soon as you can. Thanks!

Finally, send us articles from abroad, people! We want to hear from you! Don't worry so much about what we want, think about what you want to write about. Send poems, articles on travels, information, interesting quotes, bits of interesting trivia, or ask us some obscure question like, "What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?" Heck, test our brains a wee bit. We'll see if we can find out for you. We'll bring it up at a meeting, or we'll get an answer from the newsletter people from around the world. So WRITE US LETTERS!!!!!! (Am I getting avid about this or what?!).

Chow for now folks! 'Til next month... (I'll work on that unladen swallow question! You have to know these things when you're a GWAM!).

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."

- John A. Shedd

JUNE 1992 CE

Nostalgic Game Nite
Regress Back to Childhood (Unless You're Already There)

by Trish Fisher

es, all those years of saving them has paid off. You'll reign supreme! Bring those wonderfully enchanting games of yesteryear to Nostalgic Game Nite, which will be held Friday, June 12th from 6 PM until, well, the cows come home... or later!

Games/activities that we know will be there: Battleship!, Which Witch?, Green Ghost (maybe), Kojak: the Stake Out Detective Game, Battling Tops, a 60' (I think) slot car track, shooting army men with a BB gun, maybe some Hot Wheels, and, of course, the pool table.

Now we come to the part where you, the reader, checks out the old dusty boxes at the back of the top shelf in your closet... i.e., games we'd like to see (or rather, games we'd like to play again): Ker-plunk!, Operation, Stay Alive - the Survival Game ( "I'm the sole survivor!"), Mouse Trap, The Dating Game (Craig especially wants to play that one), Life, Perfection, Rock-em Sock-em Robots, Mastermind, one of those hockey games with all of the rods and levers, one of those football games with the vibrating playing field, etc.. Also, feel free to bring any other game you might have forgotten to throw away, but please try to maintain the "Nostalgic" theme.

It should be lots of fun! Anyone who can bring some chips or drinks will be looked upon with great favor and enshrined in the hearts of their fellow CC-ites! For more info, call Trish Fisher.

JUNE 1992 CE

Pirating on the Monterey Bay

by Craig Polson

ere come the pirates. We hear them before they are seen, and it is always the same dreadful song:

Avast belay, Yo ho, heave to
A-pirating we go
And if we're parted by a shot
We're sure to meet below!

A more villainous-looking lot never hung in a row on Execution dock. Here, a little in advance... his great arms bare, pieces of eight in his ears as ornaments, is the handsome Italian Dan Richey, who cut his name in letters of blood on the back of the governor of the prison at Gao. That man behind him is Ken Laws, who's had many names since he dropped the one with which dusky mothers still terrify their children on the banks of the Guadjo-mo. Here is Francle Dayton, every inch of her tattooed, the same Francie Dayton who got six dozen on the Walrus from Flint before she would drop the bag of moldores; and Emanuel Velera, said to be Black Murphy's brother (but this was never proved); and 'Gentleman Derrick' Psaros, once an usher in a private school and still deinty in his ways of killing; Lance McVay (Morgan's 'Skylights' McVay); and the bo'sun Cris Moreno, an oddly genial woman who stabbed, so to speak, without offense...; and Alicia Dayton whose hands were fixed on backwards; and Jennifer 'Stiletto' Greyson, and Marina 'Puncture' Psaros, and Troy 'Barnicle' Beckwith and Craig 'The Puffin' Polson, and many another ruffian long known and feared on the Spanish Main.

In the midst of them, the blackest jewels in that dark setting, reclined David 'Hook' Rummens and Lynn 'Slice' Smardan, of whom it is said they were the only ones that the Sea Cook feared. Rummen's eyes were the blue of the forget-me-not, and of profound melancholy, save for when he was plunging his hook into you, at which time two red spots appeared in them and lit them up horribly. Smardan was never more sinister than when she was most polite, which is probably the truest test of breeding...

...plagiarized from Peter Pan by Sir James M. Barrie

Craig & Jennifer on 'Seperator'
Craig Polson & Jennifer Greyson on the 'Seperator'.

The sailing trip on Monterey Bay was, perhaps, the most special of our Castle Corps events to date. Before I go any further, I would like to thank, on behalf of everyone in the Castle Corps, both Lynn Smardan and David Rummens for a really special Saturday (my ears are still peeling). Lynn and Dave graciously hosted the event on their yachts and performed as skippers. Thanks also to Joan McVay who co-owns "Separator" with David (she sadly could not attend due to the unenviable task of sailing about the South Pacific on some huge yacht), and to Steve Smardan, who along with Lynn, made their yacht "Reachable Star Too," which they live on, available to our club. I believe this required a certain amount of "battening down" their home and, at the very least, subjecting their two cats to the ever scary phenomenon of "Our-Whole-House-Is-Tossing-About-And-Making-Strange-Noises!" and the kitty-nausea that so often comes therewith. To the above mentioned folks, A HEARTY THANKS!!!

The gang gathered at the upper yacht harbor in Santa Cruz at about 10 AM on Saturday, June 16. David ferried the crew and passengers of "Reachable Star Too" (RST) down to their boat, which was already waiting in the lower harbor. The folks on that boat were Francie, Marina, Derrick, Emanuel, Lance, Ken, Troy, Dan, and of course Lynn. Dave then picked up the rest of us "Separator" (SEP) folks, namely Alicia & her friend Lee, Cris, Jennifer, Mary Ann, Ginger, Mr. & Mrs. Howell, Dave and myself. After a brief "I'm OK, you're OK" mind-meld, both boats left the harbor for deeper water.

The effervescent Cris Moreno
Cris Moreno enjoys lunch with Boardwalk in background.

Once out of the harbor, the motors were turned off and the wind took over. The weather was wonderful: the sun was shining, there was a good breeze, and it seemed to me the sea was very calm. It also wasn't as cold as I thought it might be.

We sailed south towards Monterey for a couple miles (I think) before turning more-or-less west and moving up the coast past the Boardwalk, the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, and Lighthouse Point. Aboard RST, Ken and Marina tried their hand at the wheel, and both somehow managed to avoid scuttling themselves or any other craft.

I had hoped to see lots of wildlife on the trip. On a training cruise about a week earlier, Emanuel, Dave, and I had seen quite a few dolphins right at the mouth of the harbor, along with a lone sea otter breaking shells on his stomach. But we on SEP saw only the diving birds (including some pelicans) which so often clove into the sea to emerge with a tiny flash of silver in their mouths (not including the pelicans, who, up close, looked like they had scooped up water balloons in their bills). RST had better luck in the Water Denizens Dept.: at least Francie and Lance reported seeing dolphins.

RST moored off of Cowell Beach (between Lighthouse Point and the Wharf). SEP, after some ticklish moments with the spinnaker (the big balloon-like sail in the front) in which I was sure that Dave was going to be pitched overboard (but was amazed to find I was wrong), headed in and met up with RST and attempted to lash together. Unfortunately, the two boats began dragging the mooring, and we were saved from being dashed upon the Municipal Wharf, cats and all, by our most excellent skippers, who spotted and corrected the problem with great skill and utmost haste.

The 'Reachable Star Too'

Francie Dayton (white) & Lance McVay wave from
'Reachable Star Too'.

We moved to the other side of the wharf (in front of the Boardwalk) where we anchored separately (having given up on the idea of lashing together) and proceeded to consume our lunches. After a bit of hanging out and listening to the surf and the screams of the folks on the rides at the Boardwalk, there was a vote, via radio, with the consensus being that, with a long summer ahead, we'd hopefully come back out again another time. So with blood in our hearts and brains in our heads, we headed back to the harbor and, well, if not into the sunset, then at least perpendicular to the rays of the waning sun.

All in all, considering we didn't have to radio a may-day to the Coast Guard even once, I'd say it was a great success! Altogether, a most enjoyable trip.

JUNE 1992 CE

The Castle Corps Rides the Rails... for FREE

by Craig Polson

es, it's true! Free train rides will be enjoyed by any and all who wish to come along to ride on the Niles Canyon Railway... but I'm getting ahead of myself. First:

The Teaser...

The Niles Canyon Railway is located in, well, Niles Canyon... that's just south west of Pleasanton (CA), it's about an hour drive from Felton (CA). The railway is in a beautiful narrow grass and oak lined valley on the ex-Western Pacific 'Feather River" route (I think). In fact, the line is part of the first transcontinental railway! The western end of that first rail line across the country, completed in 1869 by the Union Pacific railroad, ran from Promontory, Utah (site of the Golden Spike ceremony) to Sacramento, CA. One or two years later, they completed a rail line which ran from Sacramento, through Niles Canyon, to San Francisco (I think). That is the line we will be riding.

The Specifics...

The Niles Canyon Railway is run by the Pacific Locomotive Association which is an all volunteer organization which owns, operates, and maintains the railroad as an operating museum of rail equipment from California's past. They restore everything there themselves, and they even lay the track, too (in the early days, with pry bars and hammers). There is no charge for riding the railroad, but there is a donation box on board.

The scheduled consist is their diesel switching engine with open cars, their railbus (not unlike those used between Felton and Santa Cruz in the early 1900's), and their little steam engine. Rides depart on the hour.

The Pitch...

Seeing as how the railroad is open to the public and all, this event is open to Castle Corps and non-CC folks alike, however preference for ride sharing will go to members first. We will meet at the Thrifty parking lot in Felton at 11:00 AM on Sunday, June 7th. There we will consolidate into as few cars as necessary to make the trip to the NCRY. If you're going to need a ride, you'd better call me so I can make sure you have one (my number is in the directory). Also, if you just want to meet us there, call me for directions.

Closing the Deal...

So come on, y'all! It'll be great fun. A gang of us did this a year ago on Lance's birthday and everyone seemed to have a really good time! Also, if I can confirm that we'll have a bunch of people, it is conceivable that I might be able to get us a tour of their yard or engines or something... they're pretty cool folks. See ya on the rails... or at least in the parking lot of Thrifty's.

"Avoid the confused motorists -
take the train and enjoy the trip!"

JUNE 1992 CE


by Ken Laws

isualize this article being read by that guy on The Wonder Years. It'll make more sense that way.

Ah, 1983. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Life in Hell were still underground comics. Flashdance was the big movie. Video stores and croisant shops were popping up everywhere. And, yes, I went to Europe for the first time.

I'll never forget the first time I went parasailing. It was on the Greek island of Corfu. They launched you off of a floating dock, then just dropped you in the water when your time was up. It was great, exept for my fear of sharks.

Now, here we are in 1992, and Pacific Parasail has come to Santa Cruz. They use a much safer method of launch and landing, so you don't have to remember tricky rules like, "Start running when the driver guns the engine," or "Try not to steer towards those jagged cliffs."

There's more to explain, but I don't have room here. The cost is $40 for a 10-15 minute ride. The boat holds six people. If this sounds like fun, give me a call. I hope to "host" several parasail adventures this summer.

JUNE 1992 CE

CC at the Flea Market

SALE DATE: Sunday, June 28.
PICKUP DATES: 2 Saturdays, June 20 & 27.

by Cris Moreno

lea Market time is drawing near... and we need your junk! Here's the deal: start setting things aside now! Don't throw anything away; what you may consider trashable stuff, another might consider valuable and pretty cool. So, all you junk collectors and hoarders, now is your chance to clean out those closets and shelves and start afresh. Some suggestions of items to donate: clothes, lamps, books, records, funky art pictures, bikes, furniture (not too big... or talk to me about it), assorted odds and ends, and stuff you are just sick of looking at but don't have the heart to toss away. We will do the pricing, but if you have an item that is particularly valuable/obscure, feel free to throw a tag on it.

So it works like this: your only responsibility will be to set things aside for the next month or so (and to contact us, of course), then on one of two Saturdays, June 20 & 27, we'll arrange to pick it up at your place. That's it! If there are any foreseeable problems regarding pickup dates, please contact me personally, and we'll try to make some other arrangements.

Volunteers??? If you haven't been to a flea market or haven't been active on the selling end, it can be great fun. I really need a few CC folks to join me in the early a.m. (7:00 to 7:30 in Santa Cruz) and perhaps a few more later in the morning (9:00 to 9:30 at the Skyview Flea Market) to help out with giving us early birds a breather. Call me to volunteer for a spot. Of course, the more the merrier.., so come one, come all!

On another note: anyone with wonderful fund raising ideas to increase the Castle Corps funds, talk to me at meetings or give me a call at home. We have been recently tossing around lots of neat ideas like Treasure Hunts at Boom's or Live Dungeons & Dragons, but we welcome other suggestions. So, see you at the meetings, and I look forward to your contributions.

PS: we are seeking donations for the reservation fee at the flea market, so if anyone wants to throw in a few bucks before we request a withdrawal from the Castle Corps funds, that would be great! Any questions, conflicts, suggestions or ideas, contact me (evenings, please). For now, Ciao!

JUNE 1992 CE

Dragon's Lair

A Poem by Jennifer Greyson

eauty of the dagger
Ornate and gleaming blade
Sparkle of the diamond
On your handle displayed
Coins of gold sift around you
As do emeralds and sapphires
And delicate hourglasses
Of precious metals, time expired
Odds and ends of items
Forgotten, intricate and old
Displayed in trunks and vases
Of shining value untold
Watches hang from heavy chains
Or from Orient silk
And open are the backs
To have observed every click
Rings of every size and make
Necklaces, robes and lace
All strewn in delicate patterns
Across any open space
Welcome to my dragon's lair
The wine is in the cask
Use my finest crystal
Goblet, stein or fluted glass
Just don't touch the chess set
Of ivory and onyx
For I have yet to win it
From the one to whom it belongs

JUNE 1992 CE

Castle Corps Event Summary

by Lance McVay

ere's a summary of CC events that occurred during April and May.

1) Sailing on the Monterey Bay -see earlier article.

2) The Royal Boomerian Easter Egg / Treasure Hunt

I dread the day when I have to report to you folks that something we planned was a complete failure or disaster, but as of this newsletter everything just seems to be great. Here's a rundown on one that happened recently.

The Easter Egg Treasure Hunt at Boomeria was great. Few CC members showed up, but we had a tremendous turn out of local youngsters and their parents (and grand parents). There were probably thirty some odd people there, all of which seemed to have a great time searching the vast catacombs, woods and secret chambers of Boomeria. After lots of candy, some prizes, and a great raffle (where we gave away a veritable sea of baked goods), we still came up 11 eggs short. So if you're ever at Boom's, keep an eye out for the missing eggs.

We also received a great deal of donations from those who came.., about $65.00. We gave $20.00 to our sister club The Natural Philosophers at San Lorenzo Valley High School for their help in baking and preparations. This, minus our cost to put the whole thing on (about $20.00) gave us a total profit of about $25.00. Not bad for just having a lot of fun! It encouraged us to do more treasure hunts in the future. I hope we will.

3) Historical Tour of Harvey West Cemetery

How often have you passed by a local cemetery and thought to yourself: "Gosh! I wonder who all those people were? Where were they from? How did they come to be here?" OK, well, maybe never, but I have, and I finally got some of those answers and a great deal more on our tour of the local Harvey West Cemetery. It was a great mixture of local legends.

We had a great turn-out. To mention all those who attended would require far too much space for these limited pages. Suffice to say, there were many and all seemed to enjoy the stories told by our very knowledgeable tour guide (who offered to do another on request!).

Thanks to Lyle for setting the whole thing up.

P.S. Does everyone remember when California received its statehood? True or False: 1849?

JUNE 1992 CE

A Reading of Revelation

by Bill McVay

n and about the year 95 A.D., the Roman Empire was in full swing, and Jews and Christians had gone their seperate ways, each having a distinctly different relationship with the Empire. Jews were accepted as an old, established religious sect that was tolerated. Christians, on the other hand, were new, rebels so to speak, and were persecuted for not worshiping the gods of the state. And so, a Christian by the name of John was exiled to an island named Patmos, and there he wrote the Revelation. Its purpose was to give hope to his fellow Christians, that they might hold out until the "Second Coming".

To the academic world, Revelation is a letter of desperation, with symbols pertaining to the Roman Empire that were obvious to Christians of the first century, and that have been distorted into greater things by latter day posterity. To some it was originally a drama made up of twelve acts, with seven scenes to each of the major acts. To us, on June 18th and 19th at Lance's house, it will be, simply, the great work of literature that it is. It is the single greatest use of archtypes in literature, and it is the work of apocalypticism to much of the world. In our group reading we will treat it as the greatly underrated influential work of art that it is, not forgetting its reverence as a major religious work.

Our reading will work as follows: each participant will play a role in the story, taking notes on each thing his or her character does as the story unfolds. Each player will act as a visual aid, anyone who wants to read, may. To get in on all this, call me (my number is in the Castle Corps directory) by Tuesday, June 16th. You may choose a role over the phone, or I will assign you one. The only materials you need for the reading is paper, something to write with, and a King James version of the Bible. However, you may be as elaborate with your role as you like (although no fire or brimstone is needed). Dress up as much as you like, and bring any visual aids that you feel would enhance the presentation. You will not be required to act or say anything.

The purpose of this reading is to supply an opportunity to understand and comprehend a work which I consider more difficult reading than "Macbeth" or "Paradise Lost." Hopefully, when completed, we will each have a vivid image of the story in our minds, as we do with any good book that we read. And if anyone finds hope and/or inspiration in it, all's the better.

See you soon!

JUNE 1992 CE

Anyone for Bungee Jumping?

by Francie Dayton

agine a place where time and space lose all meaning as you plummet like a Sir Isaac Newton gravitly test towards the planet's surface below... where words and world weary worries have no place. Where the phrase 'leap of faith' takes on a new meaning and gives you another 'perspective'... where you gain a greater appreciation of the lowly Rubberband. You've just crossed into...

The Bungee Zone

That was a quote from my bungee jumping T-shirt. If you would like to join in the fun and maybe even get a shirt of your own, come along with the Castle Corps for a day of bungee jumping thrills on June 12th. Be forewarned: there is a financial outlay involved, but we are receiving a discount price!

This is definitely a "By Reservation Only" event, so if this sparks your sense of adventure then call me, Francie Dayton for details.

JUNE 1992 CE

May General Meeting Minutes

by Amy Shivers and Craig Polson

n attendance: Lance & Bill McVay, Sean Larson, Emanuel Valera, Cris Moteno, Francie Dayton, Lyle Troxell, Noah Gilbert, JOnah Perez, Derrick & Marina Psaros, Lisa Beddo, Amy Shivers.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Tuesday May 12, 1992 A.D.

  • Noah shared info about a play-by-mail game called "Hyborian War". The possibilities of CC having it's own Hyborian country were discussed ($5 or $10 monthly). Further information gathering was unanimously approved.
  • New members Denise, Jennifer and Alicia were announced.
  • Emanuel mentioned a cabin available in South Lake Tahoe for $100 per night (possible CC excursion).
  • Francie Dayton was nominated and confirmed as the new CC Most Esteemed Holder of Capital Asset Records. The duties of Treasurer were discussed.
  • Contents of next newsletter were discussed (which you now hold in your hands).
  • The concept of Leagues or Legions was introduced. Some possible Leagues: Rangers, Computators, Garners, Theologeons, etc. Leagues will be proposed via a petition for league creation. Bill suggested development of a means of approving said petitions. Leagues will consist of CC members, and members can be in as many leagues as they want.
  • Cris Moreno, Commissioner of Fund Raising, discussed the upcoming Flea Market trip (see results in this newsletter). Also the possibility of holding a haunted house and/or a live Dungeons & Dragons up at Boomeria.
  • The possibility of setting up a fund for CC member Sean Larson was discussed. He is trying to get together enough money to make a humanitarian trip to the Ukraine with the Russian Orthodox Church, of which he is a member. Some concerns came up, chiefly that it was officially clear that funds granted to Sean, if any, would be granted in support of our member and for humanitarian purposes, not given in support of any specific church or religion.
  • Possible CC events discussed: bungee jumping trip discussed. Call Francie for details; Ly1e will investigate a possible skydiving trip.
  • Someone at Sean's church is selling metal teacher's desks for $15. Allotment of Castle Corps proposed and approved by members in attendance.
  • Honorary membership is still pending/being discussed for Preston Boomer, Ed Schell, Nick Hurbert, and Hoyt Yearman.
  • A large number of folks are becoming lost when they run into the barricade blocking Hwy 9 (it is closed for the next several months due to damage recieved during a storm last winter). CC might put up a directional sign to assist tourists in finding their way back up Hwy 9 to Felton and then to Santa Cruz via another route.
  • Reminder: Dan Richey is the Commissioner of Checks and Balances (or, essentially, "resident pessimist"). He is graciously filling a role which is both important (possibly even unenvyable) as "the guy who keeps his feet on the ground." Don't forget to use him as a resource for chatting about CC concerns (but please don't rain on his life).
  • Meeting was adjourned at 9:08 PM PDT.You can't chop down a symmetry. -Jane Siberry

"You can't chop down asymmetry."

- Jane Siberry

JUNE 1992 CE
June 1992 CE
Activity Contact (see roster)

Free train rides at Niles Canyon Railway
11 AM at the Thrifty parking lot in Felton

Craig Polson

June General Meeting
7:00 PM, Shedquarters

Any Officer

Indoor Paintgun War
8 - 11 PM, ontact Emanual by June 3rd

Emanuel Valera

Nostalgic Game Nite!
6:00 PM to ? at Lance's house.

Trish Fisher

Bungee Jumping
Call Francie for details and reservations.

Francie Dayton
18 & 19

A Reading of Revelations
6:30 PM at Lance's house.

Bill McVay

Batman Returns Premier
At the Century Theaters - call Ken for info.

Ken Laws
20 &27

Free pickup for Flea Market Item Donations
9 AM to 2 PM, call if you can donate or help pick up.

Cris Moreno

Officer's Meeting
7:00 PM, Shedquarters.

Any Officer

Castle Corps Goes to the Flea Market
7 AM to ?, call if you can help work the booth!.

Cris Moreno


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