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So, you may be asking "What is the Castle Corps?" Glad you asked.

Starting with a group of friends who intended to create an adult extension of a somewhat eccentric high school physics club, the notion grew and expanded substantially. The club eventually came to be called the Castle Corps, and at it's height included approximately 100 members from 8 countries.

The long term goal of the club is where it got it's name: the Castle Corps was dedicated to raising funds and building a castle, and using the facilities for all manner of intellectual, humanitarian, and of course recreational purposes. For more info, please see the page, "Why build a castle?"

As it's core was the Castle Corps Charter:

"The Castle Corps is an organized group of world citizens dedicated to the joy of life and pursuit of knowledge. We are dedicated to human equality and the dignity and appreciation of all life. The Castle Corps believes in taking positive steps towards achieving ideals based on personal dreams and the well-being of the world community. We promote communication and interaction both among our members and in the world about us. The Castle Corps encourages the following traits wherever they are encountered: Honesty, Selflessness, Respect for Others, Creativity, Inquisitiveness, Happiness, and Unbounded Imagination."

Short term goals were to have fun, promote interaction, give to the community, and remember what it was like to be a kid. In the process, we even came to own a small roller coaster!

The Castle Corps was very active from approximately March 1992 C.E. to August 1995 C.E.. It has never been formally disbanded, but it does not do a whole lot right now. It became dormant when the principal members just plain got too busy to keep it going. However, just because the giant slumbers makes it no less a giant! This web site is tribute to the fact that the spirit lives on. Perhaps we just need an infusion of new blood to to wake the giant...

Please enjoy your visit to our site, and if Castle Corps sounds like something you'd be interested in if it were to become active again, please do not hesitate to use our feedback form and join the silent army.

Please be advised that Castle Corps recently moved it's hosting service to a new provider, and you may run into broken links and functionality here and there. As ever, we're working on it as time allows. *sigh*

Help The Castle Corps Look For Alien Intelligence!

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